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I think it was a little bit easier to do the Take Off since you have the bars to look forward to. Each day, I got an 8 oz piece of steak (to account for shrinkage) and cut it into thirds. One piece I butterflied so it would look bigger, and the other two I sliced for stir fry. I cut up garlic, green onions, jalapeno and regular peppers and sometimes threw in some bean sprouts to make two oz of meat into a large stir-fry. If you brown the garlic first, the dish tastes "salty" without any added salt. I used a little bit of light salt and some pepper to season. I know bean sprouts aren't on the list, but they are basically water so I just added them for a little volume. I would have my two ounce butterflied steak with a salad for dinner. It always helps when you can fool yourself into thinking you're eating more food than you really are.
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