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And Day 3 cometh to an end.

I realize I may not get here every single day, as I cannot log in from work and 10 or 12 of my waking hours are there, and there are nights I am still walking a dog and doing dishes at midnight...but I will check in as regularly as I can.

The deep freeze continues here, and Dog and I say "BAH!" unto it. I got a terrible chill coming home from the hair salon (after spending two hours there because a new trainee was being taught with me as her subject). I was there so long I had to clean snow off my truck again, and with a windchill of -28C and being dressed for running from truck to office in dress pants and patent leather unlined dress boots...well, I was a frosty icicle by the time I got home. Still, played with Dog and did yoga and abs tonight, then crawled under a pile of blankets. My feet are still frozen, but my hair looks great.

Amarantha, you do what works for you! If it is counting calories, then count away! And I second the opinion that you are an icon of success. I am often in awe of your determination and outlook.

Arabella, this flu season is the worst in all corners of the realm. Walking pneumonia is not good, please take it easy and look after yourself!
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