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It is hard to stay in the mental side of the game. I will also say, no one gets morbidly obese without serious food issues. It's not just about eating a bit too much at Christmas. It's obvious we use food for something other than nutritional purposes. THAT needs to be fixed/healed so that you don't regain.

WHen you find yourself mindlessly eating - ask yourself WHY? We all have different reasons. It took me years to figure out my reasons and it wasn't one simple "ah-hah!"

My issues were:

lack of self-confidence
not liking attention drawn to myself (so hiding in fat)
lack of sleep
eating when it was socially acceptable to eat and not following body's needs
not realizing I was highly carb senstive

And I'm sure I forgot some. I didn't get to 275 by just overeating. That would have gotten me 20-40 pounds overweight. Now over 100 pounds over weight.

So.... journal, blog, something to learn about yourself and what it is about food and your life that got you to where you were and learn from it so you never have to go back there.

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