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Good morning all! Hohum, it is raining here again. I sure would like some nice bright sunshine. At least it is warm here today in the 60's may creep up to 70 which would be nice. Saves on the utility bill not running either AC or heat!

I am getting ready to head out to Walmart to see if they have my hair color back in stock. When my hair grows out I don't have dark roots, I have white roots! If I knew my hair would grow out completely white, I would let it grow out in a minute. Until I can be sure, I will color it. I am also out of bananas, want to get another box of Pepsi One, some lunchmeat ham for sandwiches, and a couple other things. I have been looking for my eyeliner forever and can't find it anywhere. Maybe WM will have restocked it by now.

Susan: I bought Jack some orange and blue yarn to make him a Boise State watch cap. He has never even been to Idaho, but love's that school's football team. They are going to be able to see him in the dark I think. It cost me nearly $35 for the darn yarn alone so he better wear it. He drove me nuts last night making sure I picked out the exact color combo. He even went into official website to get the colors. Luckily, I found yarn in the same weight that had a zillion colors and found just the right match, but I had to take the picture of the two squares of colors from the official site, open another window with the yarn then match them up with him sitting here. Sheesh! They have a website where you can buy kits, but they are outrageously expensive. Ouch, just thinking of a screw working it's way out sounds painful. Glad the procedure is fairly easy. I always worry about the mesh I have in my abdomen where they did the hernia surgery. I watch all these lawyer adverts for the vagina mesh errosion and it makes me nervous.

I guess I better get out of here and get to WM. Have a nice weekend everyone. Faye
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