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years ago WW called them red light foods, red light would start some bad eating habits you couldn't stop, yellow light you could stop after a few too many, green light you could eat normally, in control.

It's good to identify those foods and come up with a strategy for handling when you come across them, no way you're never eating pizza again! We're going tomorrow.

We use "treat" days on the weekend, this weekend we switched from our normal Friday weigh-in day to Sunday. Basically we plan for having it, whatever it might be, knowing that you can have it, just not this minute, can help get you through a rough spot.

I can often trick myself so to speak, by saying, you can have that tomorrow, not today, by tomorrow I'll usually have moved on.

I think somewhere on this board is a thread on pizza alternatives, in fact I'm sure of it, people had options using tortillas for crust, etc. I'll see if I can find and post a link for you.

hopefully this works :

best of luck
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