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Evening girls. We are leaving in a little while to go to dinner with all the family. It will be a lot of fun. We are going to an Italian restaurant so they can carb up and we can visit with everyone.

Jack is feeling much better but still runny nose is about all that is left and he gets stuffed up overnight but he is doing fine. Kelly sounds horrible and is coughing her head off.

Well, they called and canceled my appt for my gyn and wanted to rebook on the only appt in Dec which was the same day as Jack's yearly cardiologist so I won't be going until January now. Luckily, I am feeling better than I was and can hang in there.

Jean: Anne Georges books are really cute about 2 60+ sisters, one of which is rich and pushy and the other one just kind of goes along with her as it is easier. They keep getting into murders all the time. They are amusing books. Lauren Carr has good books too. Her Mac Faraday series is pretty good. If you watch Castle on tv you can get his books too. They are pretty good.

Maggie: Those cupcakes sound pretty good. Jack loves my meatloaf. It isn't fancy, but he likes it. The Thanksgiving buffet had great meatloaf which amazed me. Usually, restaurant meatloaf is awful. Many times they just dump tomato sauce on the top of the meatloaf and it is so bitter.

Just wanted to check in today. We need to boogy! Have a nice weekend. Faye
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