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Talking Titilating Chilly Thursday


It is another chilly day here in the ♥-Land but what should I expect since it is this time of the year when we get winter weather. I am waking up with a different flavor in my morning latte. They were out of my usual and I have a different lovely flavor to enjoy this day. Irish Cream, which is quite tasty ~ instead of my usual Vanilla. I may get brave enough to try more of their SF offerings for she read me quite a list of what they have.

I don’t usually use a recipe for meatloaf and last night’s meatloaf was superb. I didn’t measure anything I dumped in it so I don’t know if I can repeat it again. Will wants me to make some mashed potatoes and serve them over the meatloaf for the dinner meal along with whatever veggies I decide to make. I got a real tasty recipe from the Pillsbury® folks for Bacon & Egg Savory Cupcakes. I figured it out as having 9P+ a serving and I will make it for a brunch one day soon. It is real easy to make for it takes bacon, canned biscuits, eggs and salt and pepper. I can lighten it up by using turkey bacon, beaters & light biscuits made from Bisquick®. If anyone wants the recipe, as is, I can e-mail it to you and you can decide how you want to bake it ~ lighten it up or as is, It makes 8 servings but one can make just whatever number you want. You can make just one in a 6-oz custard cup.

Will is now on the board at the museum so now they will have a better say on what goes on down there. The museum director loves it that Will is now on the board. It seems that Will has been the mouth piece of museum ever since he has been a volunteer down there for they give him the points to bring up at the meetings for he is such a good presenter. I really like that director and he is a good friend of ours.

My jail is all finished and looking good. Now I get to get started on some Christmas things. I have the cutest little hinges for the boxes. I do need to add some copper chain to my order for I notice I am almost out of that. I am getting low on several of my needful supplies. I use a length of that copper chain to stop the lid from opening too far. I also use it to hang the signs I put on the business houses. I am so thankful that the company I do my ordering from is so friendly and have all the supplies that I require. I have done business with them for many years and only had one piece of glass arrive broken. I called and reported it and they said they would replace it. They did ~ but not only the one piece but the whole box of 8 sheets came. I called and told them that was not necessary and they said that they were happy to do that for me since I was such a good customer. I guess as long as I have dexterity in my fingers I will continue to cut glass and get my supplies from them.

It is lunch time and I think I will have some soup. Soup just sounds good on a day such as this. Since I am home alone with my furry friends I can eat what I want when I want it. And I want soup. I have some of my yummy “Peal-A-Pound” soup in the freezer that would be a good low-point+ choice. Actually it is a “NO point+” choice but if I go to adding anything that has point+ values in it I will surely count them.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like the cold bug is making it's rounds in your family and making them feel lousy. Hope they have found meds that help those colds to move on through quickly. I love to use cold-eeze. My doc says sucking on that zink really does cut the duration of the cold in half. I try to always have some of that on hand especially this time of the year. I like the orange flavor the best. Wouldn't an Italian place have take out pasta? Bet they would.

Have a great day Magnolias.



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