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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's been a beautiful day in my corner of the world! Sunny, just a slight breeze, and 53 degrees this afternoon -- that sure makes up for the cold days earlier this week. I went to get my nails done this morning, made a WM stop, and then lunch bunch at noon. Bob had a meeting out of town so was up and gone earlier than usual. I have bell practice later this afternoon and then the evening is mine.

"Gma" -- I am so sorry about the crappy start to your day! I hope your washer can be fixed without it being a huge expense. Sometimes it's better to just replace but the current ones won't last as long and they will usually tell you that up front. Do you think weaving the yarn ends, on an afghan, would work? I would be afraid they would eventually come apart after much use and washing. I know you are looking forward to being with both families for Thanksgiving.

Susan -- I'm so glad to see you today! Chinese for Thanksgiving sounds good to me! We are going to my "sisters" while the kids each go to the other side of their family. The church secretary and hospital volunteer director do thank me every week. The hospital gal often gives me gift cards for the coffee shop. I do go "above and beyond" for her when she is gone as far as balancing the register and doing the end of the day paperwork for her. It just makes my part of the job easier too.

Maggie -- It's nice that Will can fill in for the other church. Will he also preach at your church on the same day? There are many small churches around here who share pastors on Sundays. From the way the paper article read, the eagle camera can't be moved this year because it it too close to where they are and it will scare them away to have humans working in the trees or wherever the camera is mounted. I want the drapes more for warmth over the glass this winter and also noise control. The blinds are between the two panes of glass so the glass is still cold to the touch.

Hope you all are having, have had a good/better day as it goes along!

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