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Default New to WW (Flex Plan)

First, a little information about me. I'm 25 years old. I have no kids and work a desk job. I LOVE to eat & don't exercise. I'm currently at a weight of 185.6lbs as of Nov. 5. My goal weight is 135lbs. I don't know a time when I weighed that low. I had went down to 160 lbs with many diet plans which only lasted a short amount of time. And then I started gaining everything back and here I am at 185.6.

How I decided to start WW...
My sister had given me all her books and information when she did WW. I even got all the calculators and everything. I browsed through it and pushed it aside. Today, I went to my boyfriend's niece birthday party and started talking with a girl there. She had lost a lot of weight so I asked her how she lost it all. She told me she was counting points (WW) and she exercised. She showed me her diary and told me it was really easy since she could still eat everything she wanted as long as she stayed within her points. It got me thinking about giving it a try. I heard it was a bit tougher in the beginning but once you know pretty much how much points are in most of the foods you eat, it gets easier. So I took out all the information my sister had given me and downloaded a WW tracking app on my phone and here I am, ready to start.

I had currently started a weight loss challenge with my mom last Monday and tomorrow is my weigh in. I don't think I lost anything but tomorrow will be my starting weight of my WW journey. I'd like to meet others who are following this plan and see how they are doing.
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