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Good morning gals. It is cool here this morning for sure. We are going to go vote after Jack gets off work, but from what I hear polling places have been packed. Maybe by this afternoon it won't be because people won't be off work yet. We have never had long lines voting and the church we vote at is actually two polling places on the same property. Of course living here, you would be hard pressed to find a Republican, except us!

I talked to my son this morning. He said Jackson liked his Halloween candy and went as a teenage ninja turtle. I told him to have Alicia send me a picture. They will be down here in the three weeks so we are looking forward to seeing them. I asked him how training was going for the marathon and he said pretty good he was out running before work at 5 AM and it was 25 degrees! I told him it would definitely be a lot warmer down here the day of the race. I feel bad because I can't go to the race site. It is really far away from parking to walk it and secondly you are out in the middle of no where with no restrooms, which is the real problem. So, I will just wish he and Tom well before they go.

I am on the heel of Thomas's sock so breezing right along. I hope I can have the first one done by the weekend.

Jean: Kelly was complaining about coming home from work in the dark. I can understand her concerns. Jack gets home so early he doesn't have that problem, but it is still slightly dark when he leaves in the morning. I succumbed to peanut butter m and m's last night. They are my weakness, unfortunately. I'm like you, I love a good potato salad. I especially love German potato salad but haven't had a good hot potato salad since my grandma died.

Maggie: Sounds like you had a yummy lunch. I had a frozen meatloaf and mash tater lunch yesterday. I think I will have a lean pocket pretzel spinach wrap today. I love their pretzel bread wraps.

I guess I better get out of here and get the rest of the chores done. I want to color my hair today as I have a haircut on Saturday. Wish I could afford them just to do it, but it is way too expensive to do that so I will just do it myself even though it is a mess!

Have a great election day!!! Faye
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