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Good Morning, Flowers! It's a bright sunny morning in my neighborhood this morning; it's 39 degrees with NO wind again today . . . so far anyway. I've been to get my nails done and now need to do some serious cleaning. Bob is bagging leaves, with the mower, to take to the landfill. He's hoping to get them all in three pickup loads. We have LOTS of leaves, and he even grinds them up first!

Maggie -- Your little Christmas tree will certainly brighten up your village. Does Will have a "smart" phone? Beth does and she had to take her phone back to the store because it developed a mind of its own! It would make calls or switch into different websites while on the table or in her purse. The phone person said that some setting was changed, somehow, and that was the problem. I found bite sized Rice Krispie treats to hand out tonight. Actually, I'm hoping we don't have anyone come to the door. I'm going to check the movie listings so we can be gone. We have several older neighbors who don't turn their lights on anymore so doubt if there will be many coming down our street. It's a dead end street to boot.

"Gma" -- Gee, I hope you get to feeling better! Thanks for sharing Kelly's picture. I looked at it before reading and wondered who in the world it was. She is clever! I sure don't blame you for getting upset with the phone calls yesterday. I hate it when I forget to bring the cordless with me in the evening. I usually either have Ernie on my lap, a book, the afghan, etc., so hate getting up to answer the phone only to find out it's not anyone I wanted to talk to.

Susan -- I hope you are dry, safe, and warm!

Question of the day . . . does your WM still have greeters? Our's does not and we a lucky if there are any carts inside the door. There goes my post retirement job!

I need to take laundry downstairs and get busy. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy!
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