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Originally Posted by K9Owner View Post
So, I am completely recovered now and back at work--thank You, Jesus!!!

Also, I have not been to the gym to do an official workout since Sept 2.
I have been keeping my cals between 1200-1400 for 6 days, with a 2600 cal Spike Day on the 7 day.
I've dropped 4 lbs since August 26!
This is like MAJOR weight for me!!

I'm scared to return to the gym until after my cruise, which will be sometime around Oct 10.


I'll start 1/2Mary training when I return--a full month and a half LATER than I had anticipated starting!
What are you scared of at the gym? Just jump right back in, your body will know what to do. You may just have to back off the weights slightly for a couple workouts until your joints get used to it again. I predict you will feel better than ever. As for the running, I can't believe you are a glutton to do that all over again, But again, I think this rest is going to do you well and you are going to feel amazing when you are able to get back into your routing.
Glad you are healed up and back to work!
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