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Question VLCD similar to the UK's Cambridge Diet? Medifast or any other ideas?

Hi all!

I'm new here I've been trying to find a company who provides products similar to the UK's Cambridge Diet. Basically, it's a Very Low Calorie Diet total food replacement using their shakes, soups, bars, meals, and oatmeals, and the most important part is they provide 100% of your daily nutrition in just 440-555 calories (hence being VLCD!). Additionally, it is low carb so it puts you into ketosis, which helps reduce your food cravings.

The company that sells the Cambridge Diet products doesn't sell their products in the US because back in the 1980s the then-owners of Cambridge sold the rights for America. The American company can only sell their version within the US and the UK company can sell their version anywhere except America. They have no relationship with each other and their diets differ in almost every respect.

The American version of the Cambridge Diet is sketchy, as their website doesn't even list nutrition values. There's another version of the Cambridge Diet in the US called the Success Diet and I guess some of the products are close to the UK formula, but their website just doesn't seem professional. It seems more like an "As Seen On TV" website!

Anyway, here I am in the US with a diet plan I want to follow, but no where to get the products! I've been researching and I've found that Medifast seems to be the most similar, if I skip the lean and green meal. Based on the nutrition facts, their products each have 20% of the recommended daily nutrition, times 5 products per day so that would be 100%. Plus the calories of even the highest product (110cal) times 5 would be 550 calories.

So I guess here are my questions: How does Medifast taste? I know it's not going to be delicious, but I've tried Nutrisystem in the past and those were AWFUL. Are they better than those (if anyone has had both)? I can actually probably search the Medifast forum for this answer as I'm sure it's been asked before!

Here's the reason I didn't post this in the Medifast-specific forum and the main question I have: Does anyone have any other ideas for a VLCD total food replacement program in the US? (Side note: I did look into Wonderslim, but their nutrition facts left a lot to be desired regarding vitamins and minerals, whereas Medifast met my requirements of 100% daily recommendations)
Personally, I need the strict limitation that total food replacement provides where I would not be "allowed" to choose food (not even 1 meal) because where I am right now, I don't have the discipline to make healthy choices.

Thanks everyone!!!
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