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I make everything with about 50% veggies. You can put pureed veggies in soup, tomato sauce, cheese sauce, and you can shred them in others. I do 50:50 shredded yellow squash with ground chicken, one egg, bread it with a mixture of panko and whole wheat crumbs, and bake. I freeze the nuggets on a tray and then put them in baggies in the freezer. I do the same with turkey and zucchini and make meatballs.

Like other moms, I serve hummus, cheese sauce (I blend 50% cauliflower into mine), or ranch dressing for dipping.

My daughter loves baked potatoes, so if you mash steamed cauliflower into it, it's undetectable. Roasted broccoli or cauliflower and grape tomatoes are other favorites along with corn and peas (of course).

I make her try new veggies all the time. If she doesn't like it, so what - it's all about one bite at a time.
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