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Ingredient list: Soy protein concentrate, egg noodles, dehydrated vegetables, sugar, corn starch, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, sunflower oil, salt, soy fibers, colors (caramel, annatto extract), natural flavors, spices.

Annatto comes from seeds of a tropical plant. No idea what the natural flavors might include.

Neither the Chicken Soup nor the Chicken A La King Pottage have meat, and both of those are non-restricted. The Pottage has little bits of either TVP or seitan floating around in it; I though it was good (albeit a bit bland).

The ones that I have found don't qualify as vegetarian due to gelatin or collagen are the Cran-Pom Drink, the Pina Colada Drink, the Raspberry Jelly, and the Chicken NOODLE Soup. The Orange Drink has canthaxanthin, which MAY be from fish.

What have you been using as a "go to" protein source?
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