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Originally Posted by ChangingSkies View Post
I'm female. And nah, it's not extremely low. I mean it's really lean but it's not dangerously low. 12% or lower is usually where the problems start. Amennorhea usually starts around 10%. i mean, I'm gonna be sensible about it. If I start feeling or looking sickly, I'll adjust my goal.

As for your scale at home, it depends where you carry your weight for which direction it's wrong in. The current from the scale takes the shorest route through your body so it's basically only guaging your legs and hips. If youre more top heavy the % on the scale is low. If youre pair shaped it's high.

I agree with ValRock. 15% is really low for a female. And amennorhea can start as low as 18%, it depends on your genetics. Also, 15% is really, really hard to maintain, even fitness models and bodybuilders don't stay that low for very long. I'm about 18% and it's low enough but not too low that I have to kill myself to maintain it. Also, the lower your body fat is, it will take a lot longer to lower it even further still. Just my .02 cents.
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