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Originally Posted by 3sisters View Post
Good Morning! Need some advice on how to stay OP this weekend when I host a big family get-together for my son who will be here visiting. It will be in the evening - dinnertime - so will be ok all day OP until I'm confronted with cooking and all the NON-program foods tht will be served. I'm grilling turkey brats/italian sausage - so know I can have that, and will have plenty of cut up veggies I can munch on - but any tips on how to keep myself away from the other "stuff" - my old nemesis foods?
Like the others said, planning is key but also, for me, is to keep myself full. I'm going to try this today which is to take choc pudding and make choc milkshakes out of it because it will extend twice as far as a choc drink, so I've been told. Take pudding, adding maybe 10 oz water, 4 ice cubes or so, maybe a little vanilla extract or Waldon Farms choc sauce to give it a more intense flavor, and sip that. Need a strong blender of sorts (I use a Ninja) to break down ice and whip up mix so really feels like a shake. Counts as 1 unrestricted. Others also add 2 cup of spinach to this and it makes it creamier, can't taste the spinach and you get your 2 c of veggies in. This is really good. I foresee myself doing this long after IP is over.

Also use kosher dill pickles to help take the hunger away, celery pieces filled with Waldon Farms whipped peanut butter (the PB isn't tasty on its own but when you put it on celery, much of the chemical taste is masked, so I can make it work).

You can do this and you'll feel so proud when the weekend is over and you stayed strong, and you are feeling better, looking better! Another benefit is that you will be a great role model for anyone else there trying to lose weight.

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