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STick with it! Remember - it's not luck - it's all up to you. I have cheated a little and felt that that kept me going instead of sidetracking me. I had a craving so I had a cookie (or 2!) but then just kept on going and didn't pig out. Exercise is the key. If you can get yourself to exercise then you have half the battle won. I'm looking forward to some carbs on Thurs when I start Cycle 2. Puneri - I started out at about the same weight as you so you're an inspiration. What's your goal weight? I think I'm shooting for about 150 for now so I have about 24 lbs to lose to reach that goal. I'll see how I look and feel at that weight (it's been so long!).

Let's do keep talking. I love to hear any tips and want to cheer you all on with your loss!!!
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