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Hmm, I don't think anything I can say will apply to you. I am from The Netherlands and we are pretty tolerant. Also I hang out with kinda the intellectual folks, who seem to be even more tolerant than average. So I've never encountered any issues with female friends.

I read a research study the other day about how in the US 70% of freshmen are pro gay marriage. So I'd think that atleast in the college system lot's of people are a bit more openminded than average?

I might have a completely backwards idea of how closeminded most americans are. Mostly because a good friend of mine is from Texas, and well.. that's a horrid place to live and be gay. Haha. Though from what I gather Florida and New York aren't so bad to be gay. How's Omaha?


And a bit of universal advice: If people can't accept you for who you are, then would you really even want to spent time with them? Better to know who you can cound a friend than not to know right?

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