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This thread has caused me to pin-point a connection with my sexuality and fatness.

I'm bisexual, I just don't let it be known to the general public because there's no reason too. I've only ever been in two really long, serious relationships. One with a female, one with a male. I married the dude. He's amazing -- the most kind, understanding and open person I know. He's heterosexual, but not homophobic. We understand each other.

But then there's friends... since moving back home from where we moved so I could attend college, I've found it really hard to make girlfriends. You know, the people you cuddle with on the couch while watching crappy shows like Teen Mom. The people you ***** about your husband too. The people you go on late night walks with, and gossip with.

I think it's because I haven't found anyone open enough to eventually be honest with them without them freaking out. How do you girls handle this? I'M GOING CRAZY WITHOUT MY BFFS. I think this is why I've gained so much weight since graduation -- eating my loneliness.
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