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Hi LaurenBelle! I haven't done the Inca Trail but I did want to cheer you on with your idea to train for it! I would love to do this someday in the future; I went to Machu Picchu without doing the trail, and I hiked up Wyna Picchu on a separate day (which was hard for me, but I hadn't been exercising very much around that time).

I think your approach to exercising slowly is a great one, though you will want to increase the number of sessions you do in order to get the most benefit. It's perfect that you swim too, because you can do that in between treadmill sessions in order to give your joints a break but still work your CV system.

Make sure you book a few days in Cusco before embarking on your trek! I remember getting to Cusco and getting winded after climbing one set of stairs. You have to take it easy the first couple of days. Plus Cusco is a beautiful city, definitely worth at least 2 days of touring (much better than Aguas Calientes, which is more of a tourist trap for people coming to visit M.P.). Machu Picchu I believe is somewhat lower elevation than Cusco so it is not quite as bad, but you still want to make sure your body is acclimated before you start.
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