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Hi Colleen,

That was a really great, well-written post.

It seems to me that there are nay-sayers for every single diet I've ever tried, including Weight Watchers. Your gall-bladder will have to be taken out, your kidneys will fail, your arteries will clog up, etc. It seems to be the same for WLS.

I've been struggling with the same issues as you are. I'm persuing WLS because I've decided that I've got too much potential to live as a fat woman for the rest of my life. I've done every diet I've ever heard of and a lot of them really work, but not for the long term. That's why I want the WLS - to give me a tool to help attain long-term results. Also, I don't believe the part about people not living 25 years past their surgery or having complications 10 years after. Frankly, I think if I don't do something, in 25 years I'll be dead anyway of weight-related causes.

The link that Rebecca posted is a really good one. Go see what you think and come back and post some more.

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