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Default I'm new (really need info on long-term effects)

Hi, My name is Colleen. I'm 37 and 368 lbs. I am newly married (seven months) to a super guy. He was diagnosed with Type II diabetes shortly after I met him almost two years ago. Since then, he's lost about 100 lbs. through diet, exercise, and metformin (his diabetes medication, that prevents the absorption of carbs). I've been very overweight all of my life (was put on my first diet at 5 years old). My body is starting to fall apart. Arthritis, high blood pressure, lower back problems (herniated a disk several years ago), sinus/allergy problems, and now probably asthma or worse .... All caused or worsened by my weight, but I guess it all came to a head last week, when I began getting serious shortness of breath. The doctor ordered a stress test to rule out heart disease and I will meet with him Monday to discuss the results. This really is scaring me. I've been considering wls for a while now, but joined WW about a month ago as my "one last try." I'm hoping at least, to lose enough weight to be a better candidate for laproscopic surgery. I've lost about 6 lbs in that month (I remember when I was in
college, I would lose 11 pounds the first week of any diet, and I weighed almost 100 lbs less). I'm torn, in that less drastic measures would be a better way to lose the weight, but if I haven't been able to lose the weight by those means in the last 32 years, there's no reason to think this time would be any different, particularly in the long run.
Trying to get useful information about wls on the internet has been very frustrating. There seems to be only two vew points #1: "in additon to weight loss, it will solve every problem you've ever had from taxes to acne," or #2: "it's medieval butchery from the dark ages, performed by doctors that make the **** Dr. Mengele look like a choir boy and if you make it through the surgery, you will suffer a prolonged, agonizing, untimely death, after gaining the weight back anyway, and then you'll go straight to **** for mutilating the body God intended you to have."
I'm so confused. The scariest "statistic," I heard from the #2 camp is that complications 10 years after surgery are inevitable and horrendous, and that there are few or no patients who live 25 years past surgery. Help!
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