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Money's been tight recently, so I've been relying on egg whites, chicken breast and frozen vegetables. I really love fresh vegetables, but they're so expensive and if I'm going to "splurge" I'd rather splurge on fresh, seasonal fruit.

I'm fortunate enough to have 3 grocery stores within a mile of my apartment, and 1/3 always has chicken breast on sale. A few weeks ago there was a deal where you got 4 breasts for 3.00, so I stocked up, butterflied them and froze them.

Also, as someone already mentioned, you can usually get frozen vegetables for 10 for $10. Green Giant has started making medley packs that are microwave steam ready, and can often be found for 10 for $10.

I've been making my own vegetable soup in the crock pot using frozen vegetables and whatever broth is on sale (usually the generic is less than $1 for a can, and I add water to dillute the sodium and just add lots of spices).

I also make my own egg white muffins using egg whites, shredded cheese, turkey luncheon meat (usually on sale as well) and spices.

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