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Lyn, I have plantar fasciitis and have for years. At first my podiatrist made me orthotics (I love them). Then they stopped helping about 2 years later. He began injecting my heels with steroids. While I was enduring that nastiness, I noticed he wore birkenstocks. So I decided if they were good enough for him, why not me. I’d say I bought my first pair over two years ago and have been nearly heel pain free. I do have occasional flare ups but they’re seldom and far apart. I now own a ridiculous amount of Birks and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have my orthotics in my hiking boots and my exercise shoes I have just good insoles for them. I can’t jog with the orthotics and I’m partial to the backless Birks. So my running shoes are as is. BTW, my sister has PF as well and finally after years of me preaching that she needed to try Birks, not a similar different brand, bought a pair of Birks. She now has as big of a collection as me and is pain free. BTW, she was a hospital RN on her feet constantly and is older than me. She’s now a PNP and working in an office so her feet are less abused now.

Mary, my eyes didn’t change to double either. And I have natural double vision when I’m tired and my eyes won’t work together (at night I have to close one eye to watch TV or I see two). Also, I was in that legally blind distance until Lasik. I love Lasik.

Rosey, my husband would never leave a ” mistake alone either. It’s the perfectionist in them. Wonderful win at bingo and I’m glad you had a great celebration.

So sad, it’s time to put my portable fridge back in my Jeep to bring back to my office. I brought it home since we “lent” our 2nd fridge to son and DIL. Think I’ll get it or payment for it? Nuh, I never learn. Anyway, with the holidays, we needed a little more fridge space. It’s been off two days and ready to go back to my office. With that means I have to go back. So sad…
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