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Mary, my DH can fix nearly anything. One of his bosses once said to me that he has “black magic” when it comes to fixing things (BTW we’re taking about F-15s here). On certain repairs the military engineers only allow a repair if DH is going to do it. I love that I don’t pay for repairs of anything. Our DHs sound a lot alike.

Lyn, your day at the beach (in January no less) sounds awesome. I love walking through cemetaries too. Reading the markers always makes me feel grounded and I also imagine what their lives had been like.

Gayle, I think that the cleanliness is why other than keeping my house neat, I stopped with the deep cleaning of my home. I figure I could be a slave and to what end? My dogs don’t care if it is dusted.

Lynn, I love the image of your kitties helping you knit. What if you gave them their own ball of yarn while you knit? I take your kitties are Harry Potter spin-offs. My whole family loves HP but I’ve never watched/read any of them. And yes, the Packers did win. They get to sit out the first week of the playoffs so I don’t need my packer cheering outfit for two weeks.

Chickadee, I hope you’re feeling somewhat better today. My friend that suffers from Migraines has after effects for a couple days after. Hopefully you’ll only get one for the year and now you’re done with it.

Carol Sue, and I hope you start feeling better. I totally agree with house buyers that demand the moon should just be building a house to start with.

Bobbi, great job on the weight loss. You’ll be back where you want to be in no time.

KarenMO, great job getting your Wii back into action and facing the scale. That is never fun after a time away.

My last day of vacation. I’m not crying yet so that is good. I’ve already been online shopping. I needed one more accessory for my PS3 Zumba workout. I was googling calories burned for it and got side tracked on Zumba info in general. Clearly the biggest comment was to not use running shoes for Zumba because the bottom of a running shoe flares out and that is bad for knees when doing lateral movements. I have a bad knee so I took the info to heart and bought some dance shoes. I mean, me and dance shoes??? Wow. I even paid for two day shipping so I will only use the running shoes for another two days.

So this story if furbaby lovers – anyone else might want to skip this. This morning my beloved Kai (the non-morning eater with low blood sugar) ate without fuss. It was awesome. So then DH and I are getting our bagel thins ready for breakfast. He put his in the toaster and mine on the counter next to it. He grabs his from the toaster when it was done and I start looking everywhere for mine. He said he put it by the toaster. I look and no bagel. “Where’s Kai?” I ask since she’s my counter thief. Dave says, “You mean the dog on her dog bed chomping away on your bagel?” I started laughing and by the time she finished getting the chewy stuff out of her mouth, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. How could I ever get mad at her. She brings me such delight. BTW, the other three thought they should have a bagel too but I refrained as I didn’t have that many left.
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