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Bandit . . . excellent on the potluck dinner choices! It's so hard when there's so much food around. And you're down a lb. Sweet.

I'm still plugging away. Am starting my two days of baking/cooking/preparing for Sunday. Just got done a great workout (I made myself go do it and am so glad that I did) and am off. The dogs want/need a walk but I have to get things underway first. Hopefully a bit later.

I'm down to 7 gifts that need to be wrapped . . . and one is a re-wrap because the new little dog decided to nom on one of the books I got my dad! Hope my dad doesn't mind a worn corner of his book. lol

My usual weigh-in day is Sunday but I may weigh in tomorrow and use that # then wait until next Sunday to weigh in again. I think I hit my 5 lbs. off by Christmas goal; will have to see if I can eek another lb. off next week to hit my 6 lbs. off for December goal. Even if I don't and I maintain the 5 lbs. loss I"ll be good with that.

eta: the cat just rolled over and fell off the sofa. He's still not really awake yet and seems a bit stunned as to how he ended up on the floor. Oh wait, now he's back on the sofa ignoring me. He's embarrassed.

^^ Spiney Norman!

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