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Originally Posted by I will I can View Post
Maybe cutting the bars in 3or 4 pieces and enjoying a bite with some tea may help us satisfy the sweet tooth, anyone afraid of the holiday's coming up?? I did not bake so it isn't in the house, I think that will help me a bit. Anybody have any other ideas to behave during the holiday???
Here are a few recipes for you.....

Holiday Eggnog IP Style (by the pitcher)
1 Packet Plain Egg Mix
1 Vanilla ReadyMade (cold)
8 oz of Water
20 drops Clear SweetLeaf Drops
1 Capful Rum Extract
1 Capful Vanilla Extract
Nutmeg to taste

Blend all above in a blender…Chill in fridge. Serve as is or top with sugar free whip cream and nutmeg. Will make a blender full.

2 packets of IP’s Butterscotch pudding
2 packets of IP’s Vanilla pudding
1 egg white
1 pinch of sea salt
Pumpkin pie spices and nutmeg to taste
Mix all ingredients together well. Bake in oven for 20 minutes on 350°C. Cool off and

6 zucchini
1/2 of fresh squeezed lemon
sea salt sprinkle
1/2 jar of WF Apple Butter
1/2 tsp allspice
sprinkle to taste with cinnamon

No Pumpkin Pie Special Holiday Ideal Protein Recipe for you:

2 Butterscotch IP Puddings
2 Vanilla IP Puddings
1 Egg White
Dash of Real Salt
Pumpkin Pie Spice & Nutmeg (To Taste)
Bake 20 minutes 350 Degrees / Chill

Top w/fluffy egg whites : )

IP Pumpkin Layered Parfait
IP Vanilla Pudding Mix – mix with 4 ˝ oz water then stir in a tiny bit of grated orange zest. Chill
IP Butterscotch Pudding Mix- mix with 4 ˝ oz water and as much pumpkin pie spice as desired. Chill
Layer each chilled pudding in a beautiful glass and top with a small amount of Sugar Free Whip Cream (this is a holiday, after all!)
Variations: I like to use a few ounces of the vanilla readymade in place of some of the water in the puddings. I also like to add in a splash of rum extract to the vanilla pudding.
You can crush up the apple cinnamon puffs and place between layers and on the top.
You can also vary the flavors with sweet leaf drops. English toffee or vanilla cream added to both these pudding..Yum!!

PUMPKIN-FREE PUMPKIN PIE (IP Butterscotch Pudding): Enjoy the delicious taste of Pumpkin Pie in either a thick pudding or a creamy iced frappacino. Perfect for the holidays...or any day! The Butterscotch & spices really do taste like you are cheating with the real thing.

1 packet IP Butterscotch Pudding
16 oz (2 cups) cold water for drink / 8 oz (1 cup) cold water for pudding
1 packet Truvia, Splenda or other sweetener
1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
(You can make your own Pumpkin Pie Spice by mixing
•1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
•1/4 teaspoons ground ginger
•1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
•1/8 teaspoon ground allspice)
Ice (if making drink)

1. In a blender, add water, butterscotch pudding, spices and sweetener.
2. Blend.
3. If making a drink, add 3-4 ice cubes.
4. Pour into cup or glass and sprinkle a little more pumpkin pie spice on top.

(Other Phases may also want to add a dollop of sugar-free whipped cream if they are feeling especially wicked, but it tastes great without it.)

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