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Default Over 70 pounds gone... woohoo!

The pictures are in my signature. Hopefully you can tell the newest ones!

The first 3 pictures are ones at my highest weight in December, I avoided cameras like the plague, wish I'd had some decent body ones from then though.

The 3rd and 4th set look similar to me but there's about a 20 pound difference though I can't see it much! My first goal was 185, I first weighed myself around 236 in May but I'm pretty sure I was close to 250 last December. Now, my new goal is 165 I may go lower, I may not. Though, the weight is lost I'm way flabby and dimply but with toning up and my skin getting comfy with the new size hopefully I wont be too bad off forever lol.
Lost 100 pounds, put it back on, getting it off AGAIN!

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