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This depends. 20 years ago when I became a lifetime member I always used all of mine (they were called something else then but really the same thing).

Now, I'm 20 years older and I don't lose well eating all of them. However, I always use some of them particularly since I find it way too restrictive to have to eat the exact same number of points every day.

With the revisions to the plan you can also now vary your daily points (within a 3 point range) and vary your weekly points.

Anyway, let's say I was at 29 daily points and decided not to use any weekly points. I would have to eat exactly 29 points each day whether I went out to eat or whether it was a holiday or was a day I was home and not very hungry. I find that very restrictive and it isn't livable for me long term. I would eat 203 points that week.

On the other hand, lets say I set my daily points to 26 points (which is the minimum) and I set my weekly points to 21. I would still eat 203 points that week. However, this is to me a far far more livable plan since I could eat, say, 40 points on Saturday when I went out to eat but on days that I am at home or not that hungry eat 26 points.

Right now I have it set that I eat 26 Daily points and have my weekly points set at 33 (although I may drop that done to 25 if I don't lose enough on 33).

It is really all a matter of balance. If you can eat all your weekly points and eat at the top of your 3 point range on daily points and still lose enough for you then that is fine. Or you can say you want to eat at the top of your daily point range (you don't switch daily on this -- I'm talking about setting a target at the top of the 3 point range you can select) and you don't eat weekly points at all. If that works best for you then fine. For me, I would find that too restrictive.

So, in my case I drop my daily points to the minimum but I still eat some of my weekly points but not all of them. I really like how with the new plan you can customize this to what works for you.
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