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Originally Posted by PenChick View Post
I think if you add greens to your diet of raw veggies would help out. adding greens helps release enzymes and up your PH in your stomach to digest other foods correctly. cooking our food destroys a lot of the digestive enzymes we need.
That does't make any sense or sound correct at all to me.
Six months in to my new eating regime, I've finally figured out a problem I've been having: too many raw vegetables cause stomach ache. Someone told me that as you get older you may not produce enough stomach acid to digest loads of raw vegetables; that we should lightly cook them or spread them out throughout the day and east gentler stuff in between. A test is to sip cranberry juice (it's acidic) after eating a load and see if that settles your stomach.

Heard of this?
One thing that I have used before is Now Food Super enzyme supplement, this helps a lot with digestion.

The other thing that is good for gut flora is fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Kimchi.

If you have gut flora issues it could be caused by antibiotics, have you take a lot of antibiotics in the past?
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