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I love 3FC! I stalked it as a non-registered user for about a year - I think it was mentioned on the Tyra Banks show. Anyway, I used to be a diehard FatSecret-er BUT the community is a little lacking...there are challenges and graphs up but the community doesn't seem tightknit or caring; it actually seems very self-focused. People journal or start threads and no one responds, etc. There's really no sense of "YES! we WILL hold you accountable." And while I like it for its graphs, their calculations' comments can get quite sassy. if I type in that I lost 1.5 pounds, and my last weigh-in was two months ago, the comment will say "at this rate, you will get to your target weight in 19 months" (I only have 15lb to lose lol!)

I love the community! I read a lot of posts on here because I spend over 2 hours a day on a bus so that's my catch-up time. I don't reply often but I read tons. I'm really trying to learn to get a grasp of what the societal tone here really is :P and it's a very comforting, helpful one. So I stay and stalk haha =)

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