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^ Yes, so true, teenagers suck. Just got out of my teenhood.

They really meant it. One was a kid in Brooklyn... by kid, I mean maybe 16-17 yrs old or so? He said something like, "Girl, you fat. Not like butt phat, but like pig fat" and then jeered as I walked away pretending to be

Another time was just a few days ago, which made me want to post this here. I was walking down a busy street in New Jersey, when again, maybe a guy also around 16-17 said "hey girl, hey fatty..." [more jeering/name-calling]

This always happens when I wear skirts btw. Regardless of whether I wear black tights too. Of course, I now wear jeans because I'm scared to show my legs at all lol.

I think caryesings may be on to something... I have a theory there's a weight where NO guys won't like you because you're too thin to be "fat" (and therefore you're not easy enough or funny enough to date or something - I don't know, and I can't imagine!) and also too "fat" too be thin, so they're out of your league.

Uggghhhh! This sucks... I feel like if I had this general weight to height proportion and shape, but way 5'4", they would think I was really cute, because I'd seem more petite :/ I just don't quite understand...

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