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I have for some time thought about a Lifestyle Diet where I eat the bare minimal I feel I can maintain for a lifestyle. Not a program, but a lifestyle that is pretty much the same day in and day out with exceptions of ’special occasions’ (just so I don’t make ’special occasions’ a regular thing, or it must be calculated into my lifestyle at some point. Its the very same with exercise, and for me that’s hiking around where I live, with my dog. I am still in need to figure what that Bare Minimum of eating and exercising is. I mean, once I find it, it will become my Magic Formula. If that includes a slice of yummy cheese at 3pm in the afternoon, and a wee cup of my home-made icecream 2 nights a week, then great, but it must be factored in , and it must be consistent. Yes, those treats should be consistent, or the math will not work.

Magic Formula is : what I like to eat, in the proportions which I seem to feel most comfortable with and can maintain, along with the bare minimum of walking in a week… and then LEARN the formula. Practice it ! Live it ! My weight ought to drift down to a reasonable healthy weight ( not my 30’s athletic weight, just a healthy weight for less active fifties). What that weight is, is what it IS. If it's 145 pounds, then I will find after I've not budged another pound and waffle around for a few months. That will be my Happy weight.

Now, if it is not enough weight, then I must do the process again, but by then, I will likely be better able to tweak a few hundred calories either way… like take up cycling again, or fruit fast for a day a week ... or whatever.

I have called it the Drift Diet before, but unfortunatley, my ‘mind’ has not been on plan and since I concieved of this Lifestyle Diet about 5 years ago, I’ve gained another 20 pounds. I have been pigging out and hormonal and perimenopausal enough for two women, and meanwhile, adopted the next level of sedentary lifestyle. Enough. I am ready fresh and new (about to turn fifty)to focus again on my Personal Magic Formula, and find out what it is. How apropo that it will be my new fifties project.

This Drift concept would be different for everyone, based on what they want to eat and how much they want to exercise… for life… not just a program, but for lifestyle… as in every day. I think that the thing is, one can’t publish or purchase a method, but one has to factor in a lot of variables, and do a little math (okay, a lot of math) and ponder long and hard one’s actual determination and even self image one feels comfortable in . Okay, that's another thing ~~~ the heart of the matter ~~~ visualization. The motivation and visualization is key for me, but I must be careful with how I do that. For example : Truth be told, I can’t imagine wearing jeans now , 50 pounds obese, and I can’t even visualize myself wearing jeans 50 pounds thinner ~ (even if I lost 60 pounds). So, for instance, ‘looking good in jeans’ , might actually be detrimental to my honest self image.

I know my program may sound a little esoteric, complex, and abstract, but seriously, I think I’m on to something here with Projection and Visualization, in order to factor the goal weight into my lifestyle of who I *really* want to be. For life. Not just a program for an occasion or a beach vacation. Do I really want to be thin? No… just thinner. I have been robust and stout my whole life, even when I was in prime fitness, so to imagine myself ‘thin’, just will never align right with me. I am happy, fulfilled with healthy food , eat a lot , move a lot. I doubt I’ll ever be seen in public with sleeveless shirts or shorts… but thats okay.

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