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Thank you Jane. This thread is paramount to my focus. For now, I have no real diet plan, but Lifestyle Changes I am trying to incorporate :

Eat fruit first
Eat protein ~hardboiled egg, chunk of grilled chicken in the fridge, handful of nuts
Eat SuperFoods (leaving little apetite left for anything but)
Mindfulness~ 'what about no butter/icecream do you not understand?'
Walk daily ( even if only 15 minutes, I live in the woods, have trails at my doorstep, and a dog walking companion)
Begin floor exercises with stretching (omg... I can't believe this one is stumping me)
Veggies for dinner (just sample the entree, if at all)

That is my simplified weightloss plan so far. Anything I'm missing? I think I keep skipping into the 'maintenance' mode , 'a little icecream, a little butter is okay'... but I have got to let those comforts go for a good long time. I am not sure about 'splurging' on dinner out once a week or month, or whatever, just to allow myself a piggout...for a piggout is not a part of my ultimate lifestyle... ever. I am through with pigouts.

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