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Good morning, Chickies. My weight stayed the same this week. I had been off to a good start then fizzled this weekend. Speaking of this weekend, our internet service went down Friday night and "Logan" (isp guy) came out earlier today and got us up and running. I was in withdrawal. Other than that I overheated Saturday while being outside over 4 hours. It was scarey. I didn't feel good till late yesterday. I'm all right (and wiser) now.

JoJo, you are a wise woman. Strong, too. That episode with your mum had to be upsetting for both you and Mark. Sounds like you taught the staff some things, too. Maybe they'll know what to do next time; but I'm with you. They should have already been trained.

Kudos to you for losing those 2 pounds. I like your little Santa markers. Visuals are good boosters. When I lose, I'll copy you. Thank you for the idea. See? You taught this "old dieter" something, too.

Pam, kudos to you for losing over 2 pounds. I'm impressed you have cashews left. They'd be gone around here.

Vickie, I'm dusting, too. I'm even counting today as my day 1 for this week and am wiping Monday out of my mind. Couldn't dust it all off.

Rhonda, a peach sounds juicy. We have plums and, of course, more Ranier cherries.
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