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Nothing very exciting I'm afraid Tejas. This morning we both went into town, got some new light shades ( slivers of white shell and mother of pearl) for the next room we decorate. Then I bought 2 pairs of slippers in a sale. We had a coffee and came home. We had had a late breakfast (meusli, half a bagel with no butter, but a bit of grapefruit marmalade) so lunch was soup and a roll. We were out again this afternoon, going for everything we forgot this morning It is now just gone 4pm and I'm thinking of getting tea underway for 5.30pm. I'm having a 'good for you' pasta bake and Mark is having a steak but NO fries. I have made a fresh fruit salad for afters.
Probably spent this evening, after we have brushed Dolly, watching TV or listening to the radio. Watch a video for an hour or so in bed and then off to the land of nod.

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