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Default Before posting your photos...

Everyone loves to read a weight loss success story, and the photos that accompany them are especially inspiring! We are thankful to every one of you that is willing to share your progress and show that it really can be done

As exciting as it is to share progress and goal photos, we would like to extend a reminder that your photos are viewable to everyone - not just registered members. Your photos might even be indexed in the Google image search where they may be seen without ever visiting this website.

You may want to consider protecting your privacy and identity when posting photos. Use your photo editor to block out your face or anything that might identify you. Please reconsider posting underwear photos or anything else you might not wear while walking through the mall

Before and After photos are sometimes stolen by unscrupulous diet pill marketers and used with fake testimonials. You might consider adding text to your photo such as a url to your diet blog, or a brief comment that your success was achieved with diet and exercise, not diet pills. It may sound like overkill, but any photo that you put anywhere on the internet is fair game to those without ethics.

We hope this doesn't deter anyone from sharing! We just want you to use caution when doing so.
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