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The problem is, I have found that a diet can only be two of the following at the same time: Cheap, Fast, and Healthy. You can have a cheap, fast/easy to prepare diet, but it won't be healthy (fast food and junk foods). You can have a fast and healthy diet, but it won't be cheap (meal delivery services, pre-chopped/prepared foods). You can have a cheap and healthy diet, but typically, it won't be fast/easy (cooking from scratch does take some time, and the cheaper ingredients - dried beans, bulk whole grains, cheap veggies - take time to prep and cook). You're looking for all three, which in my experience, just doesn't exist out there.

Can you spare a weekend afternoon or evening to batch cook (or even get some meals into a crockpot)? If you do that, you can use cheap, bulk ingredients (brown rice, lean proteins purchased in bulk packages, cheaper veggies like onion, celery, carrots, or veggies that are abundant and in season) to make meals for the week which can be refrigerated or frozen. Cook once, eat many times, and move on with your life.

Procuring the best prices on healthy ingredients can also take time. I took time to find the lowest priced farmer's market in my area. It's 30 min away, but I can get all of my produce and some of my lean proteins for the week for about half of grocery store or local farmer's market prices. It takes me time to go there, but I get my ingredients cheaply and in bulk, so it is worth it to me. I could pay more in exchange for my time by shopping somewhere closer, but I choose to exchange my time for some monetary savings.
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