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I totally get you. Alcohol is the same as food to me in that it's extremely difficult to enjoy moderately. In the past, having a drink or two would easily turn into several drinks and then eating tons of junk. Drinking led to binge drinking, which led to binge eating.

I've managed (for the most part) to drink more moderately, but my problem sort of reversed itself- now it's binge eating that leads to binge drinking. I figure since I'm eating so badly, I may as well have drinks too and really 'live it up'. Stupid way of thinking, I know.

Anyway, some things that help me only have a couple of drinks are making rules such as I can only drink after a certain time, I have to save calories for it, and I pre measure it out. I started buying the mini packs of wine, each one is six ounces and about 140 cals. So I'll let myself have 2-3 of those instead of just drinking whatever I want from a bigger bottle.

It really sucks to battle and I totally understand.
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