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I am a person who has the majority of my excess weight through my torso. Picture an apple with toothpicks for legs. I would also like to add that try going no-sugar for as long as you can tolerate doing so. You will see your belly fat shrink by doing so. [My grossly swollen torso went down 9 inches without doing abs!!] I guarantee it! I also have a strong family history of diabetes. In January 2010, I discovered that my blood glucose levels were in the diabetic range. I immediately began monitoring myself multiple times daily (something most diabetics should do and don't--yes, it hurts) so I could see exactly how certain foods affected my blood sugar. Within a matter of months I brought it down from 174 to 146 without losing any weight at all. Then I lost 25 lbs and brought it down to 117 mg/dl(normal is 90 mg/dl--fasting first thing in the morning). NOw, it is "normal" after losing only 10% of my body weight. Small changes can add up to big results.

I discovered that moving (not necessarily exercise as some would call it) also helped lower my blood glucose levels. As I reduced the amount of sugar in my diet and significantly increased the fiber (I had already been eating some whole grains) from 25- 50+ (some days), I also saw my body begin to transform itself without hours in the gym. Food was moving through me more efficiently. FYI: Fiber is one of three components of starch and it is the only one that lowers both your blood glucose and your blood cholesterol.

Now, that my DH has gotten high risk triglycerides in spite of a near normal weight and competing in a 13.1K marathon this past winter; I have worked with him in paying more attention to his fiber intake along with taking fish oil capsules.

Sidenote: I can eat a lot more than some people as a result of the types of foods I eat as well because they aren't sticking around long enough to add to my girth. How many calories? An average of 2200-2400 calories per day. I have arthritis so I can only do modest physical activity. I do however do strength exercises every other day to keep the muscle I do have. (I have as many as 3 BMs each day). Fiber (aka whole grains) is your friend.

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