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I admit it. I broke down while reading the newspaper at one of those hypnotist ads who show up at the local Holiday Inn. I went and it's become an amazing journey. I've lost 22lbs in 6 weeks. I eat half the amount of food I did before and I don't have cravings. It's easy to follow a diet when you aren't hungry. There are a few diet requirements that took some adjustment because this hypnotist had his own weight loss plan yet it's so easy to follow that it's not really a diet. The hypnosis made weight loss painless which I think is the magic bullet that most of us look for when we search for a new diet. I guess the best indicator will be can I maintain the weight loss long term and can I stick with it to lose all my weight? So far the answer is yes and this is the longest I've been able to stick to a diet in years.

I have a great deal of weight to lose but I can 'live" like this the rest of my life. This isn't dieting this is easily a permanent way of weight loss for me.
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