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A friend of mine who is similarly talented in the kitchen department is always making pastries and sweetmeats and cakes and biscuits and all sorts. She feeds other people with them. She takes them to work and feeds them to the scientists in the lab, who adore her for it. She goes to play readthroughs and brings themed food. Admittedly she's not exactly skinny, but I don't think this is the reason, I reckon she just cooks too much delicious food at home as well.

Anyway, do you have the time and interest to join some sort of social group where you could bring along your baking? I used to make little Middle Eastern pastries and such for the LGBT women's group I went to as a student, and was lovely and slim back then, not to mention having great fun. Plus people tend to adore you when you turn up with food of that sort!

I composed music quite enthusiastically as a teenager, and it always made me ravenously hungry. I'd keep going back and forth between the fridge and the piano. I was still very active at that age, though, so it didn't cause a problem.

These days my main hobby is quilting, and while it satisfies the creative urges, you can't eat while you're sewing, especially not if you don't want to damage the quilt.
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