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You know, we are not ruminants. We have but one stomach to digest our food with. It's why humans need to cook their food somewhat. It breaks down the cells for us and makes those vitamins and minerals more accesible.

I recently heard a lecture by a research doctor from UCSF who did a study on the effects of aging on certain organs and which ones lose function faster than others and cause a sort of cascade effect on the aging process. She said the kidneys were the organs we needed to help the most because as we age, we develop more acid in our bodies, and that's what causes our kidneys to fail. And she said the best way to combat this, they found, was to eat a LOT of vegetables and fruits. Because veggies and fruits introduce alkalai into the body and helps to neutralize the acid. But she also said that veggies like broccoli, kale (cruciferous) needed to be cooked some, while other veggies like cucumber, carrots, pepper and summer squash were much easier to digest.

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