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Seconding chick peas in salad. I'm fond of a half-tin of chick peas, a diced carrot, a chopped tomato or two, a few mushrooms, green olives and/or a sundried tomato, maybe a red pepper, sometimes a few raisins.

Take a chopped onion, sauté it in olive oil with ground cinnamon, cumin and coriander, add a drained tin of green or brown lentils, and put onto pasta for a nice hearty Egyptian Jewish dish. You get 2-3 portions out of the lentil sauce.

Red lentils are great in vegetable soup. Onion, butternut squash and red lentils is lovely, with spices of course (saffron is good), and you can add lots of vegetables for the same sort of idea.

Refried beans with kidney or pinto beans and a nice amount of onion, garlic and cumin - not as fattening as you'd think (they're only fried once), and super tasty.

Sauté a thinly sliced onion in olive oil, add a few tomatoes (or a tin if you like), simmer until cooked, add a tin or equivalent of cooked chick peas and a packet of spinach and cook until the spinach wilts. Good with rice. Another Middle Eastern one from a Claudia Roden cookbook.

Kidney beans in a chilli, along with the usual onion, garlic, tomatoes, green pepper, sweetcorn.

My version of chana masala - sauté garlic, ginger and a chopped onion, add Indian spices (cumin and garam masala, generally), a tin of tomatoes, a tin of chick peas, bit of lemon juice, bit of coconut milk/powder/block. Weirdly enough, it's lovely on pasta as well as the more obvious rice.

I'm vegan, my other half is an omnivore who is not generally that excited about pulses, and he will happily scoff down all of this with enthusiasm. Apart from the soups, he doesn't really like soup, and I've never actually served him the salad version. Lentils on pasta is one of our great standbys, and it's less than 400 calories including a 3oz serving of pasta.

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