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Originally Posted by newbieblogger3 View Post

So sorry for your troubles - I have been there and almost didn't post this because I don't want to relive those feelings - but I had a simple thought that may help you. If you can afford it -you may be happy with a food delivery service -it can help you have prepared meals "at the ready" so you don't give into making poor choices.

By all means -make an effort to take a walk whenever you can or a relaxing bath -and as Saef said - try to hold on to the fact that there is an "Afterward''

Sending you hugs -L.
Thanks, newbieblogger. I'm glad you posted. I haven't been reaching out much to others, but I realize that I need to.

I didn't sign up for a delivery service last night, but I did do something to make my life easier. I have a crazy mentality when buying food. I'll spend way way too much money eating out, but then will try to scrimp and save at the grocery store.

But last night I went to a higher end grocery store and bought a lot of lower calorie and/or healthy items that I wouldn't normally buy because I deemed them "too expensive". I bought more convenience items as well. Even though I know processed food isn't the ideal nutritionally or financially, it is a much better quick alternative for me than greasy fast food! I also bought some quick, low calorie breakfast items since lately I haven't been eating breakfast at all. I'm hoping that if I know I have things at home that are super quick to make I won't be grabbing fast food much at all. That is the plan anyway!

If I eat out less and cook home more (even if it is with higher dollar convenience items) I know I'll save money and be taking in less calories in the long run. I just need to get rid of my desire to be a perfectionist and do things the absolutely best possible way when preparing food at home. (Not that I will ever live up to that anyway!)
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