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Seriously? People get married with that sort of gap? Anyway, thanks, and I've known a few other bisexual women with non-bi partners who were absolutely fine about it. (Well, I think one partner in question is mostly straight rather than entirely, but then that's a polyamorous group anyway so you'd expect them to be sensible about such matters.) We're not actually married, I remain properly alternative in that fashion, the institution of marriage has never appealed to me personally. By the way, I absolutely roared with laughter when someone on a thread in this forum asked what DH meant, and said that Urban Dictionary was bringing up "dickhead" but it couldn't possibly be that!

But yes, I've found that there's no real reason why sexual orientation should be a thing unless someone has a problem with it. We've both had former partners who were twits about it, and frankly they just needed to grow up (and in one case, possibly come out of the closet). It's really not a particularly interesting factor in our lives, and I was serious when I said that about the main way it impacts us is that we can playfully argue about whether or not Brad Pitt is hot. (He says yes, I say no, and a friend of mine says, "But Brad Pitt is the one the straight boys make an exception for!")
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