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  • a measured serving of nuts (or I go overboard) or a spoonful of peanut butter
  • a slice of cheese or string cheese or Mexican fried cheese
  • a couple spoonsful of cottage cheese
  • salad greens (or shredded cabbage) with a bit of full-fat dressing
  • hard cooked egg or deviled/curried eggs
  • roast turkey or roast beef spread with cream cheese and wrapped around a dill pickle spear
  • veggies w/dip
  • pork rinds w/dip
  • some olives and pepperoni slices
  • a cup of hot tea with a bit of heavy cream
  • cheese squares placed on parchment paper and microwaved for a minute or two (makes wonderful cheese "crackers"!)

Basically, anything that will keep me going until the next meal without raising my BG too much.
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