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Default Kale? Really?!

hi chickies

so my latest obsession is kale and i've been having it quite often. typically with the "really good" veggies, like lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, other leafy greens, etc., i'm not really too strict when i count calories because i figure a) they're great for you b) are mostly water anyway and c) how many calories could i possibly overeat with lettuce? having said that, i am careful about the "not so great in terms of calories" veggies like peas, corn, potatoes, cauliflower etc. you get the idea.

so imagine my shock when i decided to google kale and found out 1 cup of shredded kale (raw, presumably) was a whopping 33 calories?! i say whopping because when i have a kale salad for dinner with a protein and a light homemade dressing, there must be at least 5 cups in there. so that's 165 calories for the kale alone. i guess this would be an accurate calculation but i am still shocked, stunned you calculate any differently?

thoughts, please! and thanks.
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