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New Thread Again!
Look at us go.

I so tried to post last night but I was having a hard time pulling up and navigation 3FC. I wrote out my reply 3 times but it just would not post. Oh, internet--how you tease me.

Happy Weekend to you all! I can see a bunch of you already hitting your weekly goal. Awesome.

Reso-You the man. Walk, bike, walk, bike....lather, rinse and repeat. Ha, that is how you get it done though.

A report for my 9...errr...8 1/2 miles last night. (I skimmed off a .5 mile on the request of my husband, not that I protested that much). But it was a good 8 1/2. Oh it was hot and I was dripping by the end. It was a good run much better than last week. I'm feeling better now about next weekend.

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